Audio-Visual Production

Turn Your Event Into Reality!

Audio-Visual Production is one of the most important aspects of any in-person event. Without sound, lighting, and video, your presenters can’t be heard or seen! With over 10 years experience and hundreds of events produced for clients world wide, Ci Pro A/V is a partner that will help bring the vision of your event to reality.

We’re Not Just A Vendor, We’re Partners!
Your Audio-Visual provider shouldn’t just be a vendor, they should be your event partner. From start to finish, we work hand in hand with you, the venue, and any other partners necessary to produce the best possible event.

A huge part of this partnership is having someone you work with from start to finish. We won’t pass you off from person to person or department to department. With us, you have a dedicated production manager who helps you conceptualize and build, plan and coordinate, and produce your show from start to finish.

Full Service from Start to Finish!

Events need a variety of equipment and services to run successfully and Ci Pro A/V has the capabilities to help make your event happen no matter the scale.

We provide full service sound, lighting, video, and broadcast services for events of all sizes and types. Whether you’re a small non-profit hosting a quick one day workshop or a large corporation producing a multi-day conference, we’ve got you covered!